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Tofu maker expands in Buena Park

By Samantha Gowen

The tofu maker Pulmuone Foods USA in Fullerton is expanding — in Buena Park.

The company is doubling its office space, leasing an extra 7,000 square feet at Village Business Park.

Terms of the lease expansion were not disclosed by Stanton Road Capital, which owns the property.

Pulmuone first expanded to the business park in 2021. It’s new space now totals 13,725 square feet, allowing the company to add to its administrative staff.

During the height of the pandemic, Pulmuone also enlarged its Fullerton headquarters by 100,000 square feet, doubling its production capabilities.

The tofu and kimchi maker is owned by Pulmuone South Korea. Their products are sold in myriad grocery stores around the world. Pulmuone touts a 70% market share of the tofu trade. Brands include Nasoya and Wildwood, Emerald Valley Kitchen, Monterey Gourmet Foods and a line of Pulmuone-branded items.

Stanton Road Capital says it has heavily invested in improvements at Village Business Park, including a fully updated outdoor courtyard designed to be a “second space” for all tenants. The campus is 84% leased, according to the firm.

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